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Edinburgh Group Apartments are for the purposes of groups who wish to share their living space while visiting Edinburgh together. The importance of the social aspect surrounding the basic premiss of a group travelling anywhere together is exactly that , sharing the experience, the travelling , the eating , the sleeping , the conversations, the exploration. To spend time away from home with a group of friends , family, team mates, class members or work colleagues is the whole;e point of such a trip. To gain understanding or a foreign environment and gain and develop closer relationships with the other group members.


When travelling away from, home comfortable accommodation is a high priority. Unfortunately the standard types of accommodation around the world, be it guest houses, hotels or bed and breakfasts are geared more towards individuals and couples or small family units rather than groups of 6 , 7 or more people.


Of course it is possible to book numerous rooms in a hotel or guest house, but the group then becomes splintered with no private shared common space.


Hostels on the whole are more appropriate choices for groups  with large dormitories and shared common areas but they are far from private. And tend to be of a generally lower standard than a hotel of guest house in terms of their facilities.


To retain the standard of a hotel style stay, with the capacity of private sleeping areas and common areas is where Edinburgh apartment group accommodation excels.


A large Edinburgh self catering apartment is advantageous for many reasons. The benefit of economical food preparation and a shared eating area reduces costs incurred from eating out for instance. Restaurant food is nice but can be expensive , but again there is no guarantee that a large group can all sit down together. The social aspect of group members helping to  prepare food for the party members should not be overlooked. Cooking can be fun and sharing an evening meal prepared and served at your own pace can be particularly enjoyable.The Edinburgh Group Apartments have private kitchens with all the necessary equipment to cater for the entire group.


Spending time eating, drinking and socialising in an Edinburgh large group apartment does not have any time restriction. Bars close, restaurants generally don't serve after 11pm. Group members can stay up chatting drinking and discussing the days events for as long as they want in a group apartment environment.

Of course the group will want to venture out to local night spots during the stay and visit nightclubs bars and pubs in the host city - pre drinks again can be a cost effective and fun time in a an Edinburgh group apartment setting.


Private kitchens and living rooms are the main advantage of a self catering group apartment stay. The group sleeping accommodation also has its benefits. Often hotels and guest houses are orientated towards couples and small families and the individual business travellers. As such king and queen size beds are the usual offering. Assuming that a group is not usually made up solely of couples  then hotel rooms, assuming two to a bed, can create awkward situations,


A private Edinburgh group apartment offers single bed sleeping arrangements. divan beds, not bunk beds. That way every individual gets their own private sleeping station. No sofa beds in the lounges either. Living rooms are for relaxing , watching TV, conversation but not sleeping.


Edinburgh Group Apartments offer a number of private lockable bedrooms, this would provide a school group with the  potential of restricting same sex grouping to particular rooms, again avoiding awkward situations which will aid the group leader or school teacher / headmasters in fulfilling their responsibilities.


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