Edinburgh Hen Party Apartments Guide


Planning an Edinburgh Hen Party , consider these important elements.


  • Do you want to share a double bed in a hotel room ?
  • Do you want to climb into the top bunk of a bunk bed after half a dozen cocktails ?
  • Do you want to eat out for every meal throughout the weekend.?
  • Do you want to buy every drink at bar prices?

If your answers to those 4 questions was no, then Lady , an Edinburgh Hen Party Apartment is the only choice for your Edinburgh Hen Party Accommodation.

So an all single bed Edinburgh Hen Party Apartment is ideal for those who want a relaxing nights sleep after a night on the tiles, not share a double bed with a relative stranger...pssst the brides ssiter you just met 4 hours ago. 


...Andf you haven't slept in a bunk bed since you and your sister got your own rooms when you were 5 in 1994. A sofa bed is not really a comfortable option unless you realyl want the night owls to spill their early morning triple vodka on your pyjamas or accidently sit on your head at 6 a.m

....And unless you class a pot noodle as eating in using the hotels tea and coffee making facilities , but of course wining and dining the entire weekend of the Hen Party  might not fit everyones pocket.


So in brief, Hostels are OUT, hotel rooms are OUT.

An Edinburgh Hen Party Apartment is IN and here;s why...


  • All single beds.
  • No Double beds, bunks, or sofa beds.
  • Private self catering kitchen facilities.
  • Private lounge area for the Edinburgh Hen Party Group to relax, drink, dance or unwind in
  • An entire private self contained area with no no to disturb other than yourselves.

Always situated in city centre locations - no more than 1 mile from Edinburgh Castle, an apartment for an Edinburgh Hen Party should be in easy walking distance of all the best bars, bistros, cocktail bars and restaurants.

No need for taxis here ladies , other than those new heels killing your feet as you walk the 5 minutes back to the hen party apartment

Drinks can be bought from a nearby supermartket mixed by your best friend in the Edinburgh Hen Party Apartments' Kitchen area and served inexpensively by your good self to the friends and family member gathered in the lounge.


When at least one member of the Edinburgh Hen Party Group is a fantastic cook or perhaps even a professional chef , then just add the ingredients for a sociable and  intimate Edinburgh Hen Party dining in experience. 


More fun , cheaper and with no time restriction, a house party in your Edinburgh Hen Party Apartment can be inexpensively amazing.



Edinburgh Townhouse Hen Party Apartment (Private Edinburgh Hen Party Accommodation) 22 Single Beds
Edinburgh Townhouse Hen Party Apartment (Private Edinburgh Hen Party  Accommodation) 22 Single Beds
Edinburgh Townhouse Hen Party Apartment 22 Single BedsHen's coming to Edinburgh to help celebrate their friends...
Sleeps: 22

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