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An Edinburgh Hen Party Apartment or Edinburgh Stag Party Apartment stay can be a high spirited event involving loud music, dancing, drinking ,chatting shouting and singing. A typical party you might say - when a group of good friends get together to celebrate drinking and chatting accompanied by a loud soundtrack is inevitable, however if you were to do that in your own home or apartment  you might expect to attract the attention of your neighbours unless you live in an isolated farm house or country cottage.

if you happen to be friendly with your neighbour they might already have an invite and be part of the party - problem solved. A party held once in a while any neighbour might tolerate the noise knowing such an occasion is a one off.

If however you held a big party every weekend - your relationship with your neighbours might suffer.

Edinburgh Party Flat Controversy.

in the past 5 years Edinburgh Hen And Stag Party Apartments located in residential areas within the city centre have attracted countless complaints from neighbours and local residents of the properties known as Edinburgh Party flats. Stories of loud music, shouting, screaming, singing and high spirited behaviour in the streets as party members enter and exit the said properties.

Landlords found it difficult to impose restrictions on noise levels within the Edinburgh Party Apartments, a private apartment stay would normally be unmonitored different entirely than a hotel or hostel stay where there is an onsite reception.

An Edinburgh Party Flat was and continues to be a popular choice of Edinburgh Hen And Stag Party Apartments - as such the residential areas had groups of Stag and Hens each and every weekend.

The visiting Edinburgh Party Groups did not arrive with the intention to disturb neighbours but as with any party loud music and drinking until the early hours attracted numerous complaints within a short period of time.

The concentration of complaints increased and the frustration of residents in the surrounding residential locality became worse.

Having communicated their complaints to Edinburgh City Council the local authorities decided to act and eventually imposed an anti social behaviour law covering landlords responsibility for the behaviour of groups visiting the Edinburgh Party Flats.

The local authorities attempted to liaise between the landlords , local residents and party groups.But the party groups were not happy to restrict their parties, landlords were unable to monitor or impose heavy handed rules which party goers felt would prevent them having fun on their Edinburgh Party weekend. Neighbours had little sympathy for the landlords or the party goers as they were permanent residents in the area..

As a result 2 of the most popular  Edinburgh Party Apartments were closed down by the council and the remaining Edinburgh Party Flats were thoroughly investigated and continue to be monitored by the police and local authorities.

The main problem was that the Edinburgh Party Apartments were in primarily residential areas. With elderly residents and couples with young families living close by. The limited choice of Edinburgh Party Accommodation meant that a hotel or hostel stay was the only other alternative. Many Edinburgh Party Groups prefer one large property occupied privately by their group with a large common area and adequate kitchen facilities .Something which a hostel and hotel stay cannot provide.

Demand for Edinburgh Party Apartments and Edinburgh Party Flats remains high for this very reason. As a result one company - Edinburgh Group Accommodation were able to obtain a large 7 storey property in a commercial area in the very heart of the city centre without residential neighbours of any kind close by.

The result is the Edinburgh Group Accommodation Party apartments. All of the major benefits of an Edinburgh Party Apartment without the concerns of restrictions on noise or behaviour. No curfews, no noise restrictions, completely private large apartments with capacities of anything from 15 - 25 person sleeping arrangements. The addition of a residents only bar and nightclub with a 24 hour bar licence typical of that of a hotel.

With nine large apartment units in the building up to 175 members of visiting Edinburgh Hen Party , Edinburgh Stag Party , Edinburgh School and Student Groups and Edinburgh Birthday Party Groups can party sing dance drink and enjoy day and night and be in very close proximity to Edinburgh city centres best nightspots on George Street, Rose street and Edinburgh's West End without the need to worry about council noise abatement officers or members of the local Police force knocking on the door at 1130pm asking  for the music to be turned down.Edinburgh Party Flats Paradise Lost and Found.

Stay together , eat together, with the freedom to party all night without interruption or restriction in the very centre of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Party Apartments are the only true option for a shared group party experience in Edinburgh without compromise.

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