Edinburgh Stag Party Group Apartment Guide


An Edinburgh Stag Party Apartment is the only choice for a male group travelling away together who want to spend their time together, bonding, building relationships, staying up late and discussing the weekends activities.


The traditional accommodation alternatives on offer such as hostels, hotels, and bed and breakfasts do not offer private communal space for the group members to interact. Hotel rooms generally cater for individual travellers, couples and small family units. As such an Edinburgh stag party group would be spread across a number of separate rooms throughout the hotel building. Double and Kingsize beds also make bed sharing inevitable, however funny it may be initially to approach the concept of adult men sharing beds together, the reality makes for uncomfortable sleeping situations.

And with their being little choice than for the party of Stags to convene in the hotel lounge bar as an alternative to 20 guys cramming into one hotel room to raid the mini bar.


Expensive drinks - no private communal space - and the potential for grown men sharing double beds makes hotels a less attractive choice than a self catering Edinburgh Stag Party group apartment.


Hostel are another choice which an Edinburgh Stag Party can make for group accommodation. This choice gives a better chance of the group all sleeping in the same room , with large dormitories on offer. But again a private communal space is not provided and the overall standard of facilities in group hostel accommodation is less than that of an equivalent hotel or apartment.

Group Edinburgh Stag Party Apartment Accommodation offers private lounges - large rooms with separate single bed sleeping areas - 1 bed per person, a private kitchen and multiple shower rooms.


In apartments particularly geared up for Edinburgh Stag party group accommodation be it hens or stag groups, consideration is made for the loud partying which is expected on such outings. Many hotels and hostels have rules against loud music and the disturbance of other guests - either in communal areas or not.

An Edinburgh Stag party group apartment in a designated commercial building slap bang in the city centre away from residential neighbours are ideal for late night early morning partying. No curfews - 24 hour access and an onsite residents only bar which can serve the apartment guests all night.

Drinking at bar prices can be expensive especially when there is no real alternative.


With kitchens and the all important fridge in our Edinburgh  stag party accommodation - drinks can be bought in at supermarket prices and served in generous doses throughout the stag party weekend. No closing bell.

Eating out will of course feature at some point in a an Edinburgh stag weekend away. But to eat every meal out gets expensive. A fully functional kitchen within the group apartment makes for economical preparation of meals snack and of course the all important morning after fry up.

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